Vancouver Story Slam May 2021

Storytellers share unique, original short stories in competition for cash prizes. Featuring stories by Ava Love Hanna, Bill Burnyeat, Cali Haan, Dick Cummins, Geneviève Goggin, Mike Funergy, Reive Doig, Salman Zafar, and Sara Morley, plus a special guest story from 2016 Storytelling Championship finalist Alexis Sugden.
Winners by listener vote:
1st Sara Morley, "Run"
2nd Geneviève Goggin, "Failed Drug Bust"
3rd Cali Haan, "Tree Planting in Northern Alberta"
Produced by Susan Cormier, © Queen of Crows Poductions. All stories are © their respective authors. All rights remain with the authors. ©2020 Queen of Crows